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Saturday 23rd May 


Welcome to church 2020 online The link for tomorrow's church gathering is : ...share it with friends, family, FaceBook connections - anywhere you can!
Monthly prayer meet online We normally meet together on the last Wednesday of each month for our Church Prayer Meeting.... and this month is no different - you can join to pray at 7.30pm on Wednesday evening! The link will be sent out on Wednesday afternoon - so keep an eye on your inbox.
faith in lockdown There's a super testimony available on the 'True Stories' page of our website (it's also on FaceBook and YouTube) which will really encourage you - and it's great for sharing with people too. Check it out!
Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 14.22 Finally, for our KFSW mini-viewers there's a new Superkids video out on Monday morning at 10am - Superkids Surf School - perfect for a Bank Holiday Monday! It's ideal for sharing too! Here's the link :


Wednesday 13th May

live connected for you tube We've got a new 'Live Connected' episode for you this week - and it's a belter! It's up on YouTube from this morning and the link is : We've also got it on Facebook so that you can easily share it with friends and family!
Welcome to church 2020 online Our link for Sunday's live stream is : - thanks to all of you for sharing the links on Facebook and Instagram or via email! 
Coffee time will be on Zoom after the live stream has finished - we'd love you to join us, so get in touch if you'd like the details!
FFL colour splash You'll have already guessed - but just to confirm, our 'Faith for Life' conference (due to be 12-14 June) is cancelled ...for now
LWL for email We shared this link last week - but here it is again! 'A life worth living' is in digital format for downloading FREE on our website :


Saturday 9th May

Welcome to church 2020 online For the live stream this sunday just click on this link to join us :
If you'd like to join us for a virtual coffee afterwards (honestly, it's not as weird as it sounds!) - just drop us a message and we'll send you the details!
LWL for email Over the past few weeks we've got 'a life worth living' ready for this digital age!
The sessions are available to download at - download them and email them (one per week/session) to a friend and then simply go through it together! 


Saturday 2nd May

Here's the latest info on KFSW with links for church this weekend and how our Connect Groups can still happen even when we can't meet in homes:
Welcome to church 2020 online The link for this Sunday's live stream is : and we'd love you to invite someone to join us for church tomorrow!

There'll be a coffee time afterwards on zoom once our live stream is over... details in your emails
let us pray tuesdays On Tuesday evening we've got our third online prayer meeting - we'll send you details on Tuesday afternoon for how to join in.
SUperkids movie Parents of Superkids, we've got another movie for your children (though I'm pretty sure most of KFSW will tune in :D)!!

Bank Holiday Monday at 12noon - there's another treat to be found for your kids on our YouTube Channel. Here's the link - and feel free to share it with your kids' friends!


Wednesday 29th April

Join with us tonight for the National Kingdom Faith online prayer meeting on either Facebook Live or on the KF Horsham prayer page
Check out the latest 'live connected' video


Thursday 23rd April

Here's what you need to know to do church with us this weekend:

Welcome to church 2020 online Our live stream link for this Sunday (26th April) is - we're so glad that we can continue to 'meet' together AND worship together! 
VIRTUAL COFFEE SUNDAY 2604 It was FANTASTIC to see so many faces at Zoom Coffee after the live stream last Sunday...hope to see you again this week. We'll break down into smaller, conversation-friendly groups once everyone has signed in ..... so it won't be tooooo noisy! Details are in your emails!
let us pray tuesdays What a wonderful prayer meeting on Tuesday - not as we're used to - but power-filled all the same! There's another prayer meeting this Tuesday (28th) at 7.30pm .... the details will be sent out late Tuesday afternoon. Hope you're able to join us!


Tuesday 21st April    
Here are the links you've been waiting on to join in for the next few days:
let us pray ONINE Tonight - we meet to pray together! See you at 7.30pm here!
live connected for you tube There will be a new 'Live Connected' Episode to view tomorrow morning around 10am. Click here to get it all lined up!


Saturday 18th April  

Here's everything you need for joining together this weekend:

Welcome to church 2020 online Very much looking forward to being 'with' you tomorrow morning - our live stream link is : 
DO refresh your page around 10.30am to make sure you have the live feed coming through.
VIRTUAL COFFEE SUNDAY email pi Remember when we met downstairs after the service for a coffee? Fancy a coffee this Sunday after church? Make yourself a cuppa after the word and join us over on zoom from 11.20am (ish).
Details for how to join are in your inbox! It will be lovely to see brave!
let us pray ONINE Just a reminder that we're having our first corporate prayer meeting online this Tuesday at 7.30pm. Info will be sent out on Tuesday afternoon by email - so keep an eye out for that dropping into your inbox!


Wednesday 15th April

Hope you've all had a super Easter weekend. Here's the latest news for you from KFSW:
live connected for you tube We have another 'Live Connected' episode ready for you...... pop over to our YouTube channel now to watch.
Easter Sunday ad 2020 youtube There was a little bit of streaming glitch on Sunday so if you didn't catch the Easter Sunday message from Pastor Judith that's still available to watch here. 
pancake challenge online Thanks so much to all of you who took part in the Easter pancake challenge - there's a slideshow of your pics for you to see!


Wednesday 8th April

We've got lots of great stuff happening this week:
live connected for you tube You're just going to love the simplicity of this message from Pastor Andrea for our fourth episode of 'Live Connected'...... and it's available on our YouTube channel for you now. 
Communion online Many of you have been taking communion at home, but we've an opportunity to share in taking it together this Good Friday (10th April) as we live stream at 12noon. To take part just have some wine/juice and bread ready for the live stream. Click here for the link.
Easter Sunday ad 2020 youtube Already looking forward to celebrating Easter Sunday on our live stream - keep on with inviting family and friends - the link is :
Superkids SUnday matinee As a super, special Easter Sunday surprise there'll be a treat for our Superkids at 3.30pm! It's still in the making, so no link just yet, but if you check out our YouTube channel around 3.30pm you'll see some familiar faces!
how to give We've had lots of calls/texts about how to action tithes/gifts since we're not meeting together on a Sunday. You'll find the details you need on the 'give' page of our website.




Monday 6th April

What a wonderful word yesterday - the heart of God for people....and to pray! Many of you have said you've already listened again - here's the link to do that if you'd like it.

For a little bit of Easter fun we're inviting you to join with us for the KFSW Pancake Challenge using a secret recipe of Pastor Colin's! All the details are here - do join the fun!

Thursday 2nd April

The latest episode of 'Live Connected' news is up on our YouTube Channel as is the link for this Sunday's live stream (5th April)! 

Monday 30th March

So encouraged by the word from Pastor Judith yesterday on how to live content in these challenging days. If you need a re-listen you can catch it here
If you haven't yet 'subscribed' to our YouTube channel please do - once we get over 100 subscribers we'll have access to other helpful functions on YouTube. To subscribe just click on the red 'subscribe' button here.

Thursday 26th March 

Check out the latest episode of 'Live Connected' news with Pastor Andrea over on our YouTube channel!

The link for our live stream for Sunday 29th March is also ready - remember the clocks go forward, but we look forward to 'seeing' you on Sunday morning!

Wednesday 25th March 

For our KFSW members - you should have received an email from P.J. and P.A. today - if you haven't please go to the 'contact us' page and let us know! We want to stay in touch!

And don't forget our Facebook page and Instagram account!

Saturday 21st March

Tomorrow is a red letter day for KFSW - we are LIVE STREAMING from Crescent House to you! Click here for a direct link to KFSW Online for Sunday 22nd March!

Thursday 19th March 

A video update for you from Pastor Judith here!

Wednesday 18th March 

Dear KFSW Church

We want to assure you of our love and prayers at this's very challenging for us all. As a result of government policy on Covid-19 (Corona virus) we're taking the following temporary measures for the time being.....we'll keep it under review and update you as we go.
Sunday Services : we won't be meeting together corporately at Crescent House, but will be in touch soon about how we stay connected and hear God's voice to us as a church.

Connect Groups :  Hopefully, you've all caught up with your CG Leader and know that Connect Groups are postponed. Again, we'll be in contact soon with ideas for how you can still 'meet'.

Startright : will stay closed until  after the Easter holidays

Other events : For any other events that you have registered for, we'll contact you directly.  
Not meeting together does not change the fact that we ARE church ..... and that we're here for each other and our communities. Please do 'live connected' with your Connect Group for support, care, wisdom... and FAITH!

2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”